Double-Insulated Glass: Seal Failure

  1. How long is the lifespan of a double-paned insulated window?

Depending on the quality of the installation, double pane (insulated) window glass may last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, with an average lifespan of 15 years when most likely, the seal around the panes fails and inert gas seeps out.   At first glance, the window will seem unaffected; nevertheless, a layer of grit will form and cloud the Glass over time.

Any window may have a problem with the glass seal failing, but double insulated Glass has its challenges. Compared to single-pane Glass, insulated Glass offers superior thermal efficiency and safety. If the seal fails, all your hard work might be for nothing. Discover the warning signs of a failing insulated glass seal and the steps to fix it.

What Causes a Break in an Insulated Glass Unit’s Seal?

By bonding Two or more pieces of Glass together, you can form a single sturdy pane of insulated Glass. The adhesion between the glass sheets decreases as the seals fail or shatter at the margins. When your windows’ seals break, you’ll likely notice these problems.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a seal has failed. A seal failure may not show any symptoms for some time. The symptoms become noticeable when there’s a drastic shift in temperature, both outside and indoors. Condensation forming on the inside of the windows is usually the first symptom.

Methods for Avoiding Broken Seals in double Insulated Glass

It is possible to reduce the frequency with which insulated glass seals fail by following certain best practices. A seal’s likelihood of failure may be reduced, for instance, by

  • Having a professional handle the installation of your windows
  • Make sure there aren’t any problems with your windows by checking for things like air leaks and cracked Glass
  • Outside the window, caulk any spaces or cracks you detect.
  • Solutions for Broken Seals in Insulated Glass
  • You may still repair insulated windows that have broken glass seals. The best course of action is to use your warranty. There are other choices available if you are unable to accomplish that.

Get the Fog Removed from Your Glass.

You must drill A tiny hole into the window to eliminate fog and condensation between the panes of insulated Glass. A desiccant package will also work to remove excess moisture. These are not fixes; instead, they are merely ways to make the Glass seem more likable. The broken seal will remain, but the windows should be unobscured.

The best solution is Glass Replacement.

It is possible to have the Glass repaired rather than the whole window replaced. A competent insulated glass repair technician can replace the Glass for you. The provider may have to disassemble the window and frame entirely to ensure an accurate fit of the Glass.

Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair can replace the Glass in your windows;  if the glass seal has failed will restore your window glass to perfection. If you need your insulated Glass fixed or replaced, please get in touch with us call or text (301) 755-8060.

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