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Since our founding, our company’s primary objective has been to provide residential and commercial properties with innovative and high-quality solutions for their windows and doors repair and Glass replacement. This has allowed us to become the most trusted and recommended window and door repair and replacement company in the Washington Metropolitan Area and beyond.

We are the most reliable and trusted company in the DC Metropolitan and the surrounding areas, and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to navigate through our website to learn about window glass & doors. We take care of everything, from replacing and repairing residential, storefront, and commercial glass. We can enhance the safety of your home, business, or workplace in a time- and labor-efficient manner.


At Metropolitan Window & Glass Repairs, our glazing repair specialists have more than a decade of industry expertise. Due to our extensive knowledge, we can provide our clients with genuinely exceptional service, assisting in resolving any glazing and window issues, no matter how small. We take great pride in our service and give each client the same warm, attentive treatment. The glazing industry has seen significant development over the past 35 years. Because of new technical developments, we have had to continuously improve our abilities and offerings to keep up with ongoing product innovation.


In addition to our service for the repair of double glazing, we also provide a comprehensive service for the design and installation of newly glazed products. Homeowners all around the Washington Metropolitan area can benefit from our ability to source and install bespoke double-glazed windows, doors, and conservatories in their homes. Whatever your requirements may be, we can provide the ideal solution, whether you are looking for new entrance doors and windows, innovative bi-fold doors, French doors, or full-scale glass additions. Since we have spent so much time specializing in window and glass repair, we have all of the technical knowledge necessary to ensure that the installation of your new glazing goes smoothly and quickly at every stage of the project.

Why We Are The Most Trusted Window and Glass Company

If one of the panes of glass in your double glazing is broken, this might give rise to several issues. It can have an unattractive appearance, bring the thermal performance of the sealed unit down, and possibly provide a security issue. To our customers’ relief, we at Metropolitian Window Glass Repair will first attempt to repair any broken glass in windows, doors, and conservatories before recommending a replacement unit to be installed. If the entire insulated glass unit has been damaged, we will evaluate the problem and provide you with the most appropriate remedies for your circumstances. If the pane of glass is cracked or otherwise damaged, it may typically be removed, replaced, and resealed with only a small amount of interference from the surrounding fixture.

Emergency Glaziers , 24hr Repair of Broken Windows in an Emergency.


  • Doors And Windows
  • Non-Tilt And Tilt Windows
  • Picture And Sliding Windows
  • French And Patio Doors
  • Screen For Patio Doors
  • Storefront Laminated Glass Repair
  • Double Hung And Single Hung Windows
  • Aluminum Storm Windows And Doors
  • Window Cranks And Operators
  • All Balance Systems Types
  • Doors Crank Handles
  • French And Patio Door Handles
  • Sliding Doors Rollers
  • Door Closers for StoreFront
  • Full Screens
  • Screen Frame and Rewiring


It makes little difference whether the window is fully shattered, has a damaged frame, or has just a few chips in the glass. Metropolitan Window and Glass Repair is the destination if you are looking for “an expert window repair around me.” Metropolitan Window and Glass Repair have got you covered. Because of our extensive experience as glass restorers, we can work competently with any glasswork. We can handle any and all of your glass repair and replacement needs because of our comprehensive skill set.

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We offer the highest quality of window repair, glass repair and window replacement for both commercial and residential.

Metropolitan Window Glass Team

We will go above and beyond your expectations to deliver high-caliber services for the repair and installation of glass. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals makes an effort to comprehend the issues important to each customer. It enables us to deliver solutions entirely tailored to each client.

Give us a call if you require a quick remedy or if you are considering replacing all of the windows in your home instead. Exceeding our client’s needs is our guarantee to you.


Exterior & Entry Door Repair, Patio Door Installation, Window Design, Glass Walls & Partitions & More

Patio Door Glass

Replacing the glass in your patio doors is an operation that consumes time.

  • – the glass must be removed and reinstalled perfectly
  • – We carefully disassemble and reassemble the door panel.
  • – Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair provides their customers an amazing Replacing Patio Doors Glass service.

Replacing glass cost in exterior doors is determined by patio door type chosen. Consider the following scenario.

It would be great understanding the advantages of multiple glass forms, shapes, and sizes, and also how they’ll impact the exterior and interior of your buildings.

We offer full glass door repair and installation services to your buildings. Also we can make in a custom-made commercial glass door to your offices or stores that will totally match your purpose. Our team will make your work swiftly so that your safety is compromised and secured when making our repairs….

Our company Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair is specialized in installing, repair and replacing with high-quality services for windows in your buildings. Working with various customers show our success and our great services, which is totally affordable. Also we deal with your commercial window easily.

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