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Patio Door Replacement &Glass Replacement by Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair 

If your patio door is 15 to 20 years old, it is time to change it, especially if it is drafty or damaged, but if the problem with it is only Glass related, you should only replace the Glass. 

 Defects in your exterior home doors are a safety issue. Damage makes it easier for criminals to break in. Calling in the help of glass specialists as soon as possible is strongly recommended.

Broken windowpanes aren’t the only thing we can help you with, and Our technician can assist you in replacing foggy Glass caused by a damaged seal on the double pane; in this case, you should replace the glass pane as soon as possible.

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In times of emergencies, we help home owners and businesses with repairing and boarding up services 24 hours a day 7 seven days a week!

Professional Patio Door Glass Replacement 

Changing out the Glass in your Patio doors is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process that can be costly.

The Glass has to be removed correctly to not cause further damage to the frame, resulting in shattered Glass or having to replace the door entirely.

You will need to dismantle the door panel and then rebuild it carefully; without harming yourself or breaking any glass. 

Metropolitan Window &Glass Repair team are experts in providing our clients with quality Glass solutions for their  patio door glass repair with dedicated customer service and transparent pricing,

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We offer the highest quality of window repair, glass repair and window replacement for both commercial and residential.

What Determines Patio Door Glass Replacement Cost?

Glass replacements for external doors vary by patio door type.

In general, larger doors have a higher price tag since they are manufactured using more expensive materials and need more time and effort to install.

Glass is the primary component that determines the cost of a patio door. In general, the price will increase proportionately with the number of panes of Glass it contains as well as the level of ornate design it has.

Replacing double-paned Glass in your patio door requires using double the glass material compared to replacing single-pane choices. However, since there are two layers of Glass, your energy cost will be lower, saving you more money, the type of Glass you choose will also affect the price. The price of Low-E Glass and other energy-efficient Glass will be higher than that of Glass with a lower energy-efficiency rating. However, remember that you may end up paying more money if you choose low-energy choices because, over time, you will spend more on patio doors with a low rating for their ability to save energy. Metropolitan Window &Glass Repair technicians are here to advise you and work with you on Custom glass solutions to improve safety, insulation, and energy efficiency, which may boost your home’s value and save money.

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