Emergency Service

In times of emergencies, we help home owners and businesses with repairing and boarding up services 24 hours a day 7 seven days a week!

Emergency Service  For  Residential and Commercial

We provide emergency repairs and boarding up for homeowners and businesses around the metropolitan area  24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

To prevent additional damage, you must swiftly secure your house or company after an accident or an act of vandalism. Our staff are constantly alert and will provide exceptional service in record time. Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair can help—call (301) 755-8060!

At Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair, our crew is skilled in repairing or replacing windows in both business and residential settings.

We have an emergency response team available around the clock every day of the week since we know that accidents may happen at any moment.

Metro Windows & Glass Repair fixes your damaged Glass the same day!

Our professional emergency team is always ready 24/7 since accidents may happen at any time. Homeowners won’t have to worry about cleaning up any shattered Glass late at night or home improvement trips. Our professional repair team can secure your broken window and restore your peace of mind.

It’s no exaggeration to say that storefronts are an establishment’s weakest link. A storm, a bullet, or a person may damage it. 24/7 service is available from Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair. After an incident that causes glass windows or doors to break, the first order of business is to repair the damage and ensure the safety of the building again. a 24/7 emergency service is available from Metropolitan Window and Glass Repair every day of the week to provide emergency glass repair services including emergency board-up and Safety Glass replacement for your house or office.

The great thing about Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair is that we never judge a job by its size but by its importance. We’re available 24/7 to repair any Glass in your house.

When you need us, We’re available 24/7 to repair broken or foggy Glass and any window mechanism like balances in your home or business. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we will respond quickly.

Patio Doors made of Glass are susceptible to damage, whether slide or swing. As a result, a decrease in safety and comfort occurs when these items are damaged. The security of your property is at risk until you get it fixed or replaced. 

Call the experts at Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair for any emergency service; we are ready to help.

For appointment scheduling or Free Estimate, Call now (301) 755-8060;
Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair – Committed to Excellent Service!!!

Emergency Board-up

Anything can happen overnight, a broken glass, a fire, or a fluid, and you will need assistance ASAP. Our team can board-up your place in hours!

What To Expect When You Call Us For Emergency Glass Replacement

If you have broken Glass in your windows or doors, call for immediate assistance from  Our 24-hour glass replacement services; if you need urgent window repair and choose Metropolitan Window and Glass Repair, you can be confident that our experts will:

  • Show up on time and ready to immediately protect your house.
  • After assessing the damage, your service specialist will carefully clean up the glass fragments and either quickly replace the broken Glass immediately with new Glass or board up the damaged area.   
  • Upon ensuring the security of your house, our specialist will go through your options for replacement and make an order with the appropriate vendors.
  • Depending on the extent of the damage,  Your technician will plan a time to replace the Glass or fix the damage once he has the necessary supplies.
  • The severity of the repair work and the availability of supplies will determine how quickly the glass replacement may be completed. We will plan the final result around your availability.
  • Our repair staff will be upfront regarding the estimated duration of the work and its cost.
  • Trust Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair with all your Glass Replacement. Call us at 301-755-8060.

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