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We help restoring any damaged glass or broken windows at your home at any time!

Enhance Your Home’s Design

At Metropolitan Window and Glass Repair, our glass technicians are just a phone call away from providing excellent solutions to our clients: replacing broken or foggy Glass in windows and doors to upgrading older single-glass windows to more efficient double-insulated units.

Whether you are looking for a custom-cut tabletop, mirror, or a more modern style for your shower enclosure, look no further. Please give us a call: (301) 755-8060

Design & Installation

Repair & Replacement

Emergency Service

In times of emergencies, we help home owners and businesses with repairing and boarding up services 24 hours a day 7 seven days a week!


New windows are an excellent investment that may increase the value of your house, but the cost can be very high. At Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair, we can offer our clients a different solution.

We offer exceptional glass installation and maintenance services, whether you need insulated glass replacement or window repair. Several residential options are available, and we can assist you in determining which is best for your property.

It may be more cost-effective to repair a few windows than replace all the windows in your house, which will keep the exterior appearance of your home the same.

Residential Window Maintenance and Replacement

Your window glass may be in satisfactory condition, yet it may not slide or open correctly. It might be the window springs or window balances.

If your window won’t remain open, makes noise as it moves, or gets stuck, the Window Balances are likely damaged and needs replacing.

Window balances are spring-loaded mechanisms that sit inside the window frame and regulate the opening and shutting of a window. They are found in single and double-hung windows.

Metropolitan Window and Glass Repair have you covered for these challenges. It is standard procedure for us.

As long as the damage is not irreparable, we have a solution for any issue and can repair almost any window on the market.


Doors play a crucial role in the security and aesthetics of your home, but as time passes, they will need some maintenance. Whether it is a new lock, a new weather strip, or even the replacement of broken or foggy glass pane, Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair can help you with all your door repair and door Glass Replacement.

Sliding Patio Doors Repair

We are aware that a patio is an attractive addition to any property. It is the perfect spot to enjoy the summer weather, family barbecues, and afternoon beverages. However, you cannot enjoy it due to a stuck sliding patio door that limits access to your patio. Stop Attempting To Squeeze Through. We Can Help Your Patio Doors Slide Again, Contact Us Regarding Sliding Patio Door Repair by the Professionals at Metropolitan Window and Glass Repair, we repair sliding patio doors. We are aware that a jammed door may occur for several reasons. Occasionally it could be  dirt or filth, and sometimes it’s damaged wheels or rollers; other times, the tracks at the base can become unaligned, damaging the rolling mechanism at the bottom. Identifying the right cause is complex and should be left to the professionals.

Cabinet Glass

Glass cabinets provide a charming touch of elegance to any kitchen or bathroom. Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair provides custom glass solutions for your cabinets, regardless of size or design. Whether you are looking for clear Glass, Decorative Glass, or even frosted Glass, our team will be waiting to work with you. Give us a call:  301-755-8060

Glass Shower & Tub Enclosures

Our first goal is to ensure that your shower installation goes successfully. The fact that the shower glass is the final component of your bathroom to be placed makes it crucial for your remodeling project’s success, Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair can assist you in creating a glass shower or tub enclosure that compliments your existing decor. We provide a wide selection of glass tub and shower enclosures. Call Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair at (301) 755-8060 for specialized service to suit all of your glass needs.

Residential Sliding Glass Door Repair: Glass Replacement

Metropolitan Window and Glass Repair specialize in sliding door glass replacement. Our mobile glazier staff replaces glass across Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Our experience and knowledge with every sliding door system and glass replacement business, together with our ability to deliver quick and dependable service, reduces the likelihood of any more accidents linked with Chattered Glass.

Please stay safe and let us clean, board and Replace your patio Glass door for a reasonable price.

The glass in your door might be conventional annealed; all new and replacement glass must be Safety Glass.

Glass Replacement

Safety Glass

Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair supplies and installs safety glass for various windows, doors, and other glass panels found in homes and businesses throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern, Virginia.

Many locations require the installation of laminated or tempered Glass.

Safety glass types

Before the development of safety glass, regular Glass, also known as annealed Glass, was the most common type available.

Because of the rising number of injuries caused by regular Glass, most buildings must now conform to current requirements requiring the installation of safety glass in high-risk locations vulnerable to human impact.

It is the most often used safety glass in residential and commercial structures: in glass doors, panels adjacent to doors, low-level windows, and other locations where humans may come into contact with the Glass.

Laminated Glass comprises two or more sheets of annealed or toughened Glass glued together with a PVB plastic interlayer.

Various sizes and thicknesses are available, laminated in clear, grey, or bronze annealed laminate.

When laminated glass cracks, the PVB interlayer between the two sheets of Glass keeps the Glass together, preventing big harmful fragments from coming out.

Other benefits of laminated Glass include the suppression of 99% of transmitted UV radiation, enhanced sound insulation capabilities, and superior security that inhibits access by thieves or intruders.

Although laminated Glass meets all safety criteria for current standards, tempered Glass is required in specific applications.

Tempered Glass breaks into hundreds of little harmless pieces when cracked. While this is a significant safety feature, the primary reason for its usage is its temperature resistance and improved strength of up to five times that of annealed Glass.

Tempered Glass is often used in the following applications:

  • Assemblies with no frames
  • Shower enclosures
  • Doors made of Glass
  • Glass at a low level

The disadvantage of tempered Glass is that it develops a tiny corrugated distortion during the toughening process, which is noticeable under close examination.

Another issue is that it cannot be cut or changed after the toughening process; as a result, each panel is cut and processed to produce a unique product that, in most situations, cannot be utilized anywhere else.

Furthermore, the whole sheet disintegrates when toughened glass fractures, leaving an open passage, reducing the security and safety advantages.

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