Glass Shower Enclosures Design, Installation, Repair & Replacement Services

Glass  Shower Enclosures

Glass shower door enclosures are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Smaller shower rooms in homes and apartment buildings may seem even more claustrophobic with the addition of a shower curtain. You or your tenants may benefit from our expertise in making the most out of limited spaces.

Design & Installation

Glass shower door designs are easier to maintain than traditional doors and help keep away scum and mildew. We install a variety of glass door options and match your desired style with the other fixtures and hardware in your home.

Repair & Replacement

Whether from general wear and tear or an unfortunate accident, a time will come when you'll need glass shower door repairs or replacement. We are highly skilled with every type of enclosure, from frameless to sliding glass.

Emergency Service

In times of emergencies, we help home owners and businesses with repairing and boarding up services 24 hours a day 7 seven days a week!

Frameless Shower Enclosure

There is no metal or plastic framework surrounding the Glass in a frameless enclosure. The frameless enclosure often uses specially designed hardware like clamps and hinges; bypass and pivot doors, used most often in frameless enclosures, account for the product’s popularity.

Half-inch or three-eighths-inch Glass is utilized for the frameless enclosures. These showers are well-liked because of their sleek and pristine appearance., They have a Superb, cutting-edge style, and they are  Quicker and less labor-intensive to maintain.

The frameless shower enclosures from Metropolitan Window & Glass Repair have a more modern appearance, are more robust in use, and are built with a more trustworthy construction.

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures

The semi-frameless enclosure is a framed enclosure with part of the semi-frameless Glass’s edges visible, creating an impression similar to that of a frameless enclosure.

This door style for a shower blends the traditional look of a framed enclosure with the contemporary simplicity of a frameless design. The fixed panes have frames of some kind, but the doors don’t. Semi-frameless shower enclosures often use aluminum fittings. They don’t break the bank yet last for a long time.

In semi-frameless enclosures, the Glass is either 1/2 ” or 3/8 ” thick.

Entire-Frame Shower Enclosure

Panels of tempered Glass are set into metal frames in a framed shower enclosure. The metal of the enclosure’s frame encloses the Glass on all sides, top, bottom, and at the joints where the partition meets so that no glass edge is visible.

This framework may be manufactured from a solid brass frame with various plating options, such as chrome, nickel, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed bronze.

The aluminum frame is a low-cost alternative that is both sturdy and long-lasting.

Both lightweight and substantial half-inch glass are available as tempered safety glass for framed showers. Contact us at (301) 755-8060.

What Distinguishes Frameless Shower Enclosures From Semi-Frameless and Framed Models?

There is much potential for improvement regarding the bathroom’s aesthetic value when selecting the right shower enclosure type and design. Designing your bathroom should carefully balance your choices for a shower door with frames or without, as well as the material, style, and kind of bathroom enclosure

Revitalize Your Space With Our Glass Shower Installation

The kind and style of shower enclosure you choose for your bathroom may significantly affect the room’s overall appearance. Your selection of a shower door with or without frames, its material, style, and kind of bathroom enclosure should be carefully coordinated with the design and functionality of your bathroom. Call us at (301) 755-8060.

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